21½ Ways to find Creative Inspiration

1. Prayer.  Simple enough, but not always.  Sometimes inspiration only comes through intense focus and meditation on the Lord.  It may take hours on your face to gain revelation.

2. Examine other peoples work, don't be afraid to incorporate some of their techniques into yours.

3. Appreciate beautiful things.

4. Don't expect inspiration to fall in your lap, even though it does happen sometimes, but seek inspiration.  Look for it everywhere, in a pebble, a blade of grass, or in the rumble of a distant thunderstorm. You never know what may inspire your masterpiece.

5. Talk with people, discuss your ideas.  Even record your idea's and play them back, sometimes just saying or hearing them out loud, allows idea's to develop into plans, then into creative work!

6. Remove hindrances, creativity can be blocked by many things.  A bad attitude, self doubt, feelings of inadequacy, greed, pride, or being overly competitive - these things, among others, will stall all creative efforts.  Make your own list of the things that hinder your creative process, so you will know what to avoid.

7. Surround yourself with stimulating colors, I like bold fiery colors like oranges and reds, or deep rich colors like mahogany.  What colors inspire you?

8. An aroma can stir the soul into deep imagination, intense smells like cinnamon, ginger, or clove always inspires me.

9. Creativity is energetic, don't be lazy... “inspiration exists, but it must find us working.” - Pablo Picasso

10. Don't force it.  You can stare at an empty canvas or a blank page for only so long.  You will put out what you take in, if all you take in is void, then all you will have to express will be nullity. Instead get away from it for a while and come back with fresh eyes.

11. Read.  Make an effort to visualize what you are reading.  Read slowly, pick up on every adjective and let your mind create the scene.

12. Keep a notebook with you at all times.  Inspiration will hit and you wont remember it unless you write it down when it happens.  Always keep a notebook at your bedside. Ideas come as you are falling asleep.

13. Take a nap, Ideas come as you are falling asleep!  Why do ideas come when you are falling asleep? God inspires, but it is easier for us to hear Him when our flesh is distracted or subdued.  In that amazing moment when our flesh is worn out, but our spirit is still awake, that is when God speaks to us.  Intercessory prayer works in the same way (the flesh must be subdued.)

14. Exercise.   An intense or repetitive workout keeps the flesh busy and allows our minds to wander freely.  While the flesh is distracted, God will speak.

15. Don't be a slave to what you think is your creative style, try something new.

16. Be authentically you... Not what others expect you to be.

17. Doodle.  Even if you are a looking for inspiration for a written piece, draw.  Deep internal thought can sometimes only be released visually.  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, so it's sure to inspire a few.

18. Keep more than one project going at a time, sometimes they fuel each other.

19. Start a new project right away after finishing one.

20. Try a new media.  Artists, write. Writers, photograph something.  Poets, paint.

21. Most importantly, rely on God.  “Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.”- Proverbs 16:3

21.5. And remember, things do not need to be perfect, they just need to be....

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