As We Sin

As We Sin
A Poem by Richard J Rogers

Without regard for the pain afflicted.
We sin again, still addicted
As we slip into temptation, the whip will crack,
The blood still runs down His back.

Our lips still whisper the words so hateful,
Our tongues still speak, not one word thankful, 
With evil speech our mouths are drenched,
But the thirst in His mouth is still not quenched.

Like kings we run our lives, the spotlight we won’t share,
A golden crown of arrogance we do so proudly wear,
We boast in our pride, but He was also crowned,
The thorns rip and tear His flesh, the blood falls to the ground. 

By these hands were committed shameful deeds,
These hands have sown sour seeds,
Reaping what we have sown, to more sin it will lead,
The wounds in His hands will still bleed.

Taken farther away by our own feet,
Never bowing before His seat,
As we choose to walk our own way,
His feet still bleeds, the wounds will stay, 

We don’t respect our own body, pierced with needles and ink,
Flesh is covered with evil images, if only we stopped to think,
He was pierced too, by a spear, for out to God He cried.
It pains me now to think, I am the reason He died.

He came back with all these scars and lives with all this pain,
All of this to give a gift, His loss is our gain.
And as long as we still sin, He will still bleed, 
And save us from certain death, the price of each sinful deed.

Please read Seven Afflictions,  A Bible Study by 11:33 Artwork on the suffering of Jesus, and the role we play in it today.

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