ArtPrize 2012 Favorites

For the fourth year, Artist from all over the world will be participating in Grand Rapids' "radically open" art competition, ArtPrize®.  Even though I live only an hour's drive from Grand Rapids, I will be participating for the first time this year, with a 7 foot tall painting titled Bid Me to Come to You.

I have had a chance to look through this year's more than 1500 entries.  There is fantastic talent in every art form, truly something for every one.  I have put together a short list of some of my personal favorite entries this year, and why I like them.  In no particular order...  (Click on names to view their entries.)

Matthew Fisher - The Almighty,  This is a stunningly passionate piece of music, intense and gripping, capturing the imagination and inspiring vivid imagery to play in the mind.  It made me want to create.  Click here for more info on Matthew Fisher's entry.  Also check out his website

Jeff Allen - Christ Crown of Thorns, Simplicity in design, yet capturing the tragic beauty of the most important moment in history. This welded steel sculpture of the crown of thorns brings an industrial touch to the iconic image.  Click here for more info on Jeff Allen's entry.

Terri Albanese - Colors of Courage,  Made with strips of colored glass, Terri's American Flag mosaic has a richness and depth in both color and symbolism. Inspiring also is the play between the suggestion of fluid movement within such a rigid material, you almost expect the glass to come alive and wave in the breeze.  Click here for more info on Terri Albanese's entry. Visit her website

Gary Charles Willcock - Collection SEA AWL, IDIOM, MISTER TWO P, RED 4MAN,  Gary's sculptures have and architectural presence, along with a futuristic-Artdeco feel.  His work of metal, wood,  and glass,  reminds me of The Chrysler Building or the Golden Gate Bridge.  Strong, clean, sophisticated design. Click here for more info on Gary Charles Willcock's entry.  Visit his website

Nicolas Kroeze - Lifted,  This carved wood sculpture inspired by Psalm 40, evokes a longing to escape, a desire for the Lord, and the exhilarating feeling of the freedom found when He pulls us from the mud.  Click here for more on Nicolas Kroeze's entry.

Please also check out my entry, Bid Me to Come to You,  see all 1517 entries on

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