7 Ways to Shine a Light on Halloween Night

7 Ways to Shine a Light on Halloween Night

There is a debate whether or not Christians should have anything to do with Halloween.  I for one firmly believe that this night, just like any other, should be claimed for the glory of God.  Halloween is so ingrained into today's culture, everyone is familiar with the imagery.  If you can connect a Biblical message to an iconic Halloween symbol, then whenever people see the symbol they think about the message – they remember the teaching.  Below are some ways to use Halloween against itself, and shine a Light on the darkest of nights.

1. Reverse Trick or Treat.  Halloween makes door-to-door evangelism easy.  People are expecting strangers to knock on their doors. Due to the festive atmosphere, Candy Givers are usually open and receptive to conversation.  Instead of taking candy from them, ofter them a treat, hand them a track, a free Bible, or a piece of candy with a scripture and your name and phone number attached.

2. Teach a Zombie Bible Study. The living dead  makes a great allegory to the lifelessness we have without Jesus.

3. Jack-O-Lanterns are a great way to teach kids (and adults) about the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Just as pumpkins are transformed into lanterns by the candle's flame inside, we are transformed into beacons of light by the flame of the Holy Ghost.

4. Front Yard Graveyard. Set up a graveyard scene in your front yard, use it as an evangelism opportunity by inscribing scriptures about death on each tombstone.  Remember the Word does not return void, so as all those trick-or-treaters (and their parents) approach your house, they are exposed to a bit of Biblical truth.  For instructions on how to make your own graveyard read Hallowed Ground

5. Teach a Haunted Bible Study.  It's sure to get people's attention if you offer them a Haunted Bible study.  Teach about how past mistakes or bad decisions can “haunt” us for years, but there is deliverance in Jesus – to free us from these ghostly burdens.  Start with these scriptures: Isaiah 43:18-18; Matthew 11:28-30.   Great for teenagers and adults.

6. Teach a Bloody Bible Study.  Again, the title gets people’s attention.  Take the opportunity to teach a message about the Blood of Jesus, how through his sacrifice we can find healing and salvation.

7. Alternative Party.  Keep everyone safe and hold an alternative party.  Use this as another opportunity to introduce a message into the night.  Theme parties work well, you can coordinate a Biblical message throughout the theme.  Everyone can dress up in costumes inspired by your theme, this way everyone feels like a part of the message and it becomes real to them – it sinks in.   Use some of the ideas above as your theme or create your own.  No Party would be complete without music, to see my list of Christian Music for a Halloween Party, Click Here

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