Christian Music for a Halloween Party

Having a Halloween Alternative Party?  I put together a list of music that adds just the right atmosphere for this time of year.  These songs have the kind of sound you'd expect for a Halloween party, but contain an edifying message, sure to bless each party goer.  A subtle but effective way to shine your light on Halloween.

  1. Might Just Save Your Life   - Brandon Heath
  2. Take My Life   - Jeremy Camp
  3. Scream   - Jonah 33
  4. Deliver Me [Antidromic Mix]   - David Crowder*Band
  5. Rebirthing   - Skillet
  6. Supernatural   - dc Talk
  7. Do Not Move   - David Crowder*Band
  8. Take It Away   - Ashes Remain
  9. Some Kind of Zombie   - Audio Adrenaline
  10. Battle Part 2 (remix)   - Chris August
  11. Ain't No Grave   - Selah
  12. Watching You Die   - Jonah 33
  13. The Lie   - Matthew West
  14. Shadowlands   - Shawn McDonald
  15. Whispers in the Dark   - Skillet
  16. Never Alone   - Jonah 33
  17. Dead Man (Carry Me)   - Jars of Clay
  18. Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven   - David Crowder*Band
Please be respectful of the Artists and download these songs legally.

For more Ideas for a Christian Halloween Party, Please read  7 Ways to Shine a Light on Halloween


  1. I'll check these out. May I also suggest "Monster" by Skillet and "Zombie" by Family Force Five


    1. Thanks Mark, those are great suggestions. You might also want to check out a few tracks from Eleven59, 'Let the People Know,' 'Reaching,' and 'Different Man' from the album, Colder. Eleven59 is a lesser known Christian rock band, but they have a nice sound.

  2. Good song list and I'll add a couple classics-- Jekyll and Hyde by Petra and Dr Jekyll and Mr Christian by White Heart. Some Kind of Zombie is a great choice with a clever analogy likening the idea of being "dead to sin" to that of a zombie.
    I have a blog at where I comment on these songs.

    1. Thanks Patrick. I'll look up those songs. Some Kind of Zombie is one of my favorites on this list. Each of of these songs has an edifying message behind it, even some of the harder sounding songs. The message is not always obvious, with songs like 'Watching You Die,' but this song references Ezekiel 33:8, about watching people die in their sins, and our responsibility to warn them. I definitely recommend listening to that song after reading Ezekiel Chapter 33.

      Thanks for sharing your blog!

  3. All Christian artist though the last 2 skate the edge, I might find more, but considering this thread is from about a year ago, I'm not certain anyone is paying attention any more. Here they are in no particular order. Lovesick Zombie (House of Heroes); Skeleton (Hawk Nelson); All Hallow's Eve (Bride, old-skool); If I Were A Killer (Galactic Cowboys, another old-skool); Open Your Eyes (Maylene & The Sons of Disaster); Attack of the Dungeon With (He Is Legend); Walking Dead (Decyfer Down);Psycho (Grammatrain, yet another old-skool); Monster on the Radio (Blindside); Faceless (Red); Jekyll & Hyde (Plumb); Monster Monster (The Almost); Nightmare (EleventySeven); Welcome to the Masquerade (Thousand Foot Krutch); Soundtrack for a Nightmare (Memnoir); Pardon Thy Monster (White Collar Sideshow); After The Devil Beats His Wife (Emery); Alien & Thief (3rd Day); Bats also The Tale-Tell Heart (Tourniquet, old-skool again); Bring Out Your Dead (Blindside); Dead Man (Wolves at the Gate); Blood Moon & Fall Goliath Fall (Project 86); Fighter (Manafest); Flash (Homeless J); Golden Calf (Disciple); The Haunting (Anberlin); Hydra (Showbread); Masquerade (Seventh Day Slumber); The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (performed by Relient K); Scarecrow (Skillet, Bride has 1 too); Wake The Dead (Family Force 5); Ain't No Grave (Johnny Cash); Monster (Paramore)

    1. Thanks for adding to the list. Have a Happy Halloween.

  4. Carman No Monsters, Carman Witches Invitation, Petra Witch Hunt, Stryper Abyss, Stryper To Hell With The Devil