An Incomplete List of Things I Am Truly Thankful For

I Am Truly Thankful For...
  1. the privilege to seek the Lord
  2. the allowance to know Him
  3. diversity of flavors, of colors, of seasons, of emotion
  4. the purity of the air after the first snowfall
  5. those moments when there is absolutely nothing on my mind
  6. the ability to imagine something, then create it for others to see as well
  7. the way in which words so whimsically weave without effort a beautiful sentence
  8. the times I can feel God smile upon me, and the times I hear Him weep
  9. all my eccentricities
  10. being close to my family, as dysfunctional as we are
  11. knowing that I will see my sister again in heaven
  12. how I'll always be a kid at heart
  13. music played softly enough to hear it with more than the ears
  14. the people who will never know how their kindness impacted my life
  15. the way effort has effect
  16. happiness in spite of any reason not to be
  17. the people who are touched by my art/poetry/writings
  18. blue LED lights - which are so amazing!
  19. the way yawns are contagious
  20. and how this list could go on forever

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