Good Friday

It was a simple matter of Physics.  Sin brings death, without sin there would be no death.  But ever since Adam and Eve took of the Forbidden Fruit, sin has been passed down to all men, we all have sinned, all but one man - who was no mere man.

Jesus, fully God and at the same time fully man, lived a sinless life.  So what happened to Him that Friday went against Physics - in fact it turned Physics upside down.

From noon until 3 p.m. day became as dark as night.  At three, when Jesus had died the earth quaked, solid stone became unstable. The sky ripped open, and the veil between us and God was torn, making it possible for Him to pour out His Spirit on all of us.

A sinless life had payed the price of sin - and the curse of sin was broken.  Now we all have access to God and to this redemption.  This is why we call it Good Friday.

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