The Perks of an Active Imagination

"Where there is no vision, the people perish..." Proverbs 29:18

When we were children we all had very active and wild imaginations, yet somehow many people lose it as they grow older.  Some abandon it, thinking it to be childish; Some no longer find it useful; while others embrace it and use their imaginations daily. The wise will embrace it, because an active imagination comes with many beneficial qualities - the privileges of a dreamer...

1. An active imagination makes having faith easier.  Because a dreamer is able to imagine the impossible, we are more inclined to take leaps of faith.  Having the ability to imagine possible outcomes, we are more confident in our steps of faith.

2. An active imagination promotes individualism.  Dreamers are often, at times at least, somewhat outcasts.  We each have our own unique brand of thinking, and are less susceptible to peer pressure.  We might not always fit in, but we are exactly who we want to be.

3. An active imagination relives stress.  A daydream might be just what we need to momentary escape from our troubles.  A five minute vacation, to recollect and refocus, can take a load off.

4. An active imagination enables problem solving skills.  People with vivid imagination see the world differently, so we are able to see solutions that others might not consider.

5. An active imagination helps to retain knowledge.  Creative people process information differently too. Info may be converted into a mental image, or set to the tune of a song; this strengthens the neural pathways in the brain, and quickens the recovery of the information.

6. An active imagination recognizes value.  Because the dreamer can see things as they could be, (not only as they are,) we can see the value in objects, places, and even people, that others might find worthless.

7. An active imagination creates vision. Dreamers are able to envision great things for their future, or the future of others. Creatives are able to see the steps it takes to achieve that future, making imaginative people great leaders. (Proverbs 29:18)

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