Artistic Faith

"faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead." - James 2:17 NKJV

Art and faith really have a lot in common, both are visual, cultural, dynamic, ever-growing, and ever-present.  Most importantly, faith and art are both exhibited.  Faith is the outward behavior of the Christian, just as artwork is the outward manifestation of the Artist's creativity.

Art is not a faith, but faith is indeed an art.  A simplified definition of Faith is 'The practice of what is believed.'  In other words, faith is when you put what you believe into action.  Like any other art-form, faith takes dedication, discipline, and practice.  And it comes in may different styles and techniques – unique to the person showing it.  So consider, if your faith is a work of art, what artistic style would it have?

Would it be...

A Cubist Faith – You believe in rigid doctrine and follow a stern adherence to rules, You find comfort within structure because therein is a fluidity of expression and freedom.  You tend to be very analytic in spiritual matters.

A Surrealist Faith – Believing is easy, you know anything is possible - but faith is not so easy.  You find that thing are hardly ever what they appear to be.  Spiritual things are natural to you, but you sometimes let fear distort what you believe.  Taking steps of faith is often uncomfortable for you.

A Realist Faith – You are pragmatic.  You view faith as a daily necessity.  You see life as bittersweet.  Every good moment and bad moment work together to create the beauty of life.  You trust God to create that beauty.

A Pointillist Faith – You feel you are just a very small part of a greater plan.  All things work together to create the whole picture.  You are happy with an understated role and don't mind blending in with the crowd.

An Expressionist Faith - You let your light shine and boldly declare your faith.  Your emotions are raw and you wear your heart on your sleeve.  Some may find your faith garish, but you'll never tone down your true colors.

A Tonalist Faith -  Your faith and manner of worship is refined, subdued, and calm.  But still waters run deep.  There is a richness and luster to your faith which enables you to take enormous leaps.  But you are content to just bask in the soft light of your Savior's love.

A Fauvist Faith – Your faith is deceptively simple. You are wise and very well educated in your faith, but you don't often let that show. You display your passion in energetic and sometimes careless ways.  You are often thought of as childish.  But a childlike faith is exactly what you have, and it opens your mind to what others may miss.

An Impressionist Faith – Things do not have to be clearly defined for you to know what they are.  You recognize God's will easily.  You can see God revealed in nature, especially on a starry night.

An Abstract Faith– God and His ways are all a mystery to you.  All you know is the way He makes you feel.  You respond emotionally to God and you display your faith in bold, energetic, and colorful ways.  You evoke emotion from others and are extremely empathetic yourself.  You relate to anyone.

Readers, which art style describes your faith?  Please share in the comments.

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