About Isaiah 6

Title: Isaiah 6
Medium:  Mixed Media; acrylic paint, color pencil, spray paint, marker.
Size: 32 in. wide by 80in. tall

Showing at:  Heli Hybrid Power and Light and The Koinonia Foundation, 80 Ottawa Avenue NW Suite 101, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  ArtPrize 2014, September 24 – October 12.

The Scene
Isaiah's vision saw the Lord high and exalted. The train of His robe is so long it fills the temple, representing His endless victories.  Above the Lord are the Seraphim, Angels devoted to fiery and passionate worship. They each have six wings, with two they cover their face, with two they cover their feet, and with two they fly.  And the Seraphim praise the Lord.  Their worship is so intense that it shakes the foundation and the place fills with smoke.

The train of the Lord's robe flows down from both sides of His seat and creates a double helix around the stairs.  This is similar to the image of a DNA strand and represents the Lord as the Creator.

The stairs symbolize the accessibility of the Lord.  He is approachable and He is a personal God. - Hebrews 4:16

The train of His robe crosses the stairs in 3 places.  To reach the Lord you must pass through His train, or His victories, in these three places.  This represents His Death, Burial, and Resurrection.  We pass through these victories when we repent, (death to our sinfulness,) are baptized, (buried with Him in baptism,) and receive the Holy Spirit, (our resurrection into new life.)  - Acts 2:38; Romans 6:1-6, 8:11

Artist Statement
This painting, Isaiah 6, is meant to highlight the harmony within opposition between God and Man.  As I read the chapter, I see a collision of our insecurity and God's immense grace and power.  There is beauty in this contrast as it displays our need for the Lord and His desire for us.

The theme of Harmony within Opposition is repeated throughout the painting.  Horizontal and vertical lines both compete and complement each other.  The symmetry of the architecture is broken by asymmetry of the Lord's flowing robe.  The distinction of clarity of the top portion of the painting against the smokiness of the lower half continues the theme.  While the color opposites of Blue and Orange work together to complete the piece.

For more information on this piece or on ArtPrize, visit artprize.org  •  artprize.org/richard-rogers/2014/isaiah-6

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