Mission Statement

The mission of The Cloven Flame is to shine a visual light by bringing to life the dramatic and stunning imagery of the Word of God; to boldly declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the form of artwork; and to encourage others to find their voice, to light a candle and shine their own light to the glory of God.

About Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers
Richard is a Contemporary Biblical Artist. Continuing the tradition of biblical art, while using bold colors, emotion, and presence, to reach today's viewers. His work portrays biblical scenes and often visualizes abstract biblical precepts, such as love, faith, or forgiveness.

Artist Statement
I am a Visual Artist, Writer, and Poet, living in West Michigan. My work includes acrylic paintings on canvas, wall murals, graphics, and small sculptures.   My work is deeply influenced by my faith as a Christian. It is during the night hours, after midnight when things are peaceful and quiet, when I feel inspired by the Holy Spirit to create.  Including prayer and worship as part of my creative process, I hope to represent Christ in all the work I do.

The name The Cloven Flame is a reference to the Holy Spirit, described visually in Acts 2 as "cloven tongues like as of fire."

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